Sunday, July 19, 2009

I am my own follower...

what is with today, today?

I believe I am beyond hope and have really lost my mind...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Such a Literary Excuse,,.

Sometimes I feel like I'm the modern day Jane Austen- waiting for the perfect moment and always failing to find it to your perfection. She died alone, you know? All that passion rolled up into one Pre-Victorian girl.

I think she is all misunderstood in the land of literary disciples. A lame excuse at feminism, the first romance novel- they say. I think that is utter bullshit. She is a voice of a person comfortable enough with themselves to set standards and guidelines to presenting yourself in a society of presuppositions and strict societal values- someone who values passion as much as they value life. She always had happy endings- a kind of hope that one day being yourself and finding something worthwhile will happen.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Floating Through the Work Day..

God. There is a stagnant melancholy in the office today. Why are we here, just to get thrown out the door? Where do the priorities of Chicago public access lie when they serve gourmet food at its board meetings?

Many things are wrong there, most too complicated to write in a simple blog by a lower-totem pole kid. One that concerns me the most, however, is their target audience. They are far past the days where television should be used in a hopeful attempt at advocacy(that's why we have the internet). In turn, public access channels across the nation need to restructure their communications offices. Chicago in particular. They can no longer afford to pour out all their energies into the non-profit sector; instead, PEG should be focusing their attentions to the lost and lonely indie children of the future. "What the hell is public access," people will ask me consistently, and that's ludicrous.

Something needs to be done before the melancholy turns into full force depression.